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Download 100% Free -The Complete Kotlin Developer Course Java

Use Kotlin instead of Java. Kotlin is a new language that makes programming for Android or Javascript a dream
Learn Kotlin from the ground up
Create 2 fully functional Android apps
Build a command line tool
Create Javascript code from Kotlin
Conquer challenges to test your learning
Any computer works, Mac or PC :)
Google is now officially supporting Kotlin in Android development. Kotlin is clearly the future for Java. Come learn it in this fun and exciting course!
For beginners or experienced programmers - If you are a complete beginner I have a section for you in the course that walks you through Kotlin step by step. If you have had previous programming experience, I have a section titled Kotlin for Programmers that will get you up to speed as quickly as possible.
Learn with fully functional projects - I believe in learning by doing, so in this course you will create two Android apps, a command line tool, and Javascript for a website!
Challenges to test your learning - As we move through the course I provide challenges that test your new skills and makes sure you're getting the most you can from this course.
If you're looking to make Android apps, command line tools, Javascript, or just want to learn a new programming language, this is the course for you!

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