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[Free Courses Download Udemy] Google Searching Ninja! 2019

You will be Google Searching Ninja !
Google Ninja!
No experience is needed. 
The course is from scratch
Konnichiwa aspiring Google Ninja!
In this course, you will be able to inquire knowledge about The Google Search Engine (GSE). You will learn how to use a specialized query, different operators to aim your perfect searching solution.
Google Ninja!
This course is created in a minimalistic way to save your priceless time but extremely compressed with knowledge.
I will also show you how GSE can be dangerous for your website if you allow Google Robots to index all your site. You will learn how to use Google for Ethical Hacking purposes. How do download almost everything in no time, how to get access to admin panel without password.
Google Ninja!
Why are we using GSE?
GSE is so famous that there is practically no competition for it. It is not surprising, because it is an excellent product. Search algorithms are currently very well developed, and in most cases, we do not have to bother to find information that interests us. However, not everyone knows the capabilities of this tool, and there are quite a lot of them. It is worth to see how to look for information on the web more effectively.
Google Ninja!
This course can be helpful for:
SEO experts
Data diggers

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