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تعلم كيفية التحدث باللغة في 6 أشهر Learn How to Speak a Language in 6 Months

Understand the principles and dynamics of language learning and learn the tricks, methods, techniques and hacks typically used by extraordinary language learners
Learn any language rapidly on your own
Improve your speaking skills
Maintain the motivation to learn
Integrate your new language into your life

It does not require any specific software but language specific learning materials are needed to apply the method covered in the course. However we'll cover how to find suitable audio books and how to make your own material.

I've spent 5 years studying people who taught themselves over 10 languages and this is the conclusion I arrived at:

"You can learn a language on your own and in your home country in 6 months."

In this course I'm going to share with you the method, practical tips and hacks typically used by those super language learners. I have applied them myself and I successfully learned to speak 7 languages rapidly. Inspired by their methods I set out to help others by compiling my research into this intensive course.

This course is specifically designed to make you speak any language as fast as possible. 

The method consists of two main components.

The first one is a synthetic speaking activity in which you learn by mimicking the native speakers. 

In the second part you deconstruct the language in a very efficient manner described in the course.

This course is designed for anyone, regardless of experience level. Whether you have experience in language learning or not, at the end of this course you will be able to successfully learn a foreign language on your own. You just need to be open-minded and willing to experiment new techniques.

You don't need to be talented. You don't need to have a special language learning gene. With the right mindset, the method and the techniques in this course you can achieve fluency in the next 6 months. Enjoy your language learning journey!

This course is for anyone who wants to learn to speak a foreign language
فهم مبادئ وديناميكية تعلم اللغة وتعلم الحيل والأساليب والتقنيات 
والخارقة المستخدمة عادة من قبل متعلمي اللغة غير عادية
تعلم أي لغة بسرعة بنفسك
تحسين مهارات التحدث الخاصة بك
الحفاظ على الدافع للتعلم
دمج لغتك الجديدة في حياتك.

لا يتطلب أي برنامج محدد ولكن هناك حاجة إلى مواد تعليمية خاصة باللغة لتطبيق
 الطريقة التي يتم تناولها في الدورة التدريبية. ومع ذلك ، 
سنغطي كيفية العثور على كتب صوتية مناسبة وكيفية صنع المواد الخاصة بك.

آتشرف بزيآرتكم لجميع موآضيعى إضغط بالآسفل

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